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Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA)

Earning the CPLTA designation is truly a career milestone.  It is confirmation you have achieved a high level of knowledge and expertise.  It conveys to your peers you are a professional; but most importantly, it conveys to your employer you take your career seriously, you have a high level of lease and title knowledge, and you intend to continue to keep your knowledge up to date.

Ours may be a small, close-knit industry, but you cannot know everyone in other companies or in other areas of the country.  The CPLTA designation gave me confidence in a candidate’s abilities and achievements.  My personal CPTLA standing has always been a source of personal pride, and it continues to be one.

Out of a membership of over 220 people, TALTA has only 27 active CPLTAs. It is a small group; a truly high skilled elite.  TALTA has many members who qualify to sit for the exam, and I strongly urge you to sign up, start a study group, and pass the exam. You will find, as some of us have, the effort is paid back many-fold by your having the designation Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst. It is a great goal to have, and better still when you achieve it.

If you are interested in becoming a CPLTA, please click on the link below. 


If you think you might be interested, ask a CPLTA about it at our next meeting… or call or email me for more information.  See the list below for all of the CPLTA's currently in TALTA.


Lisa Coats , CPLTA

TALTA Certified Professional Lease and Title Analysts


Barry, Bridget                                              

Boley, Kelly                                                   

Browning, Meagan                                      

Catterson, Stephanie                                  

Coats, Lisa                                                     

Cornett, Drew                                              

Denney, Karen                                             

Dixon, Lisa                                                    

Durossette, Rachel                                     

Fraley Tonya                                                

Gordon, Deborah, Retired                                        

Griffin, Kathy                                               

Griffis, Charlotte J.                                     

Hodge, Betty                                                 

Hunt, Angela                                                  

Hutton, Brett                                                  

Hutton, Monette                                         

Johnson, Donna S.- Retired

Maroutsos, Tonya                                       

Mayhue, Michelle                                        

McElhattan, Robert R.- Retired

McPhail, Alex

Morgan, Rebecca                                         

Nelson, David L.                                          

O’Guin, Kathy A.                                         

Smith, Michael D.                                       

Starr, Carma J.                                             

Whitmire, Patty                                           

Wigger, Karen L.                                          

Norman, Rebecca                                     

           27 Active CPLTA’s             3 Retired


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